Why You Need a Web Copywriter

You’re probably going to scan this page. You’ll read the headlines, note some keywords and skim the paragraphs. How do I know that? Because writing for the web comes with its own set of rules. What works for print doesn’t work for online.

On the web, your audience is looking for the information they need, fast. That means goodbye waffly words and chunky paragraphs. Hello, catchy headlines, snappy sentences and scannable text. 

Creating Compelling Web Copy

But style without substance won’t get you far. An experienced website copywriter knows that a beautiful site is useless without engaging copy that resonates with your readers.

Well written, useful content is the foundation of good web copy. It’s also what builds trust with your brand. Your web content should focus on the things your audience really cares about. It should answer their questions. Touch on their pain points. 

And you can’t forget the practical stuff. Like making sure your page and headers are optimised for the right keywords. That UX and copy work hand in hand. And that every page compliments the user journey.

How My Web Writing Services Can Help

As a website copywriter, I’m here to help you get the most out of every word on the page. I know what works online and I’ll help you get to the heart of what your audience wants to hear in a way that fits your brand. I’ll deliver crisp, compelling web copy that cuts to the chase but keeps the reader scrolling until the call to action.

With a fundamental knowledge of website design and development, I can collaborate with your appointed talent to bring your website to life. Or if you need a designer or developer to work on your site, I can help you build a dream team for your project. 

Whatever state your website copywriting is in – first draft, mock-up, or blank page – I’ll deliver great words that get the job done.

My recent web copy projects include a luxury jewellery website, revamping an architectural firm's old site with new keywords and copy, and crafting a hotel mini-site. I also help companies boost their online presence by writing their blog content. Find out more about my blog writing services.