Hello! I’m Kim, an English Creative Copywriter, Content Writer and Communications Consultant based in Hong Kong. 

I build value for businesses through better copy.  

I’ve been honing my creative copywriting skills for over seven years at various copywriting agencies, as well as advertising, PR and digital agencies, and, most recently, as a Freelance Creative Copywriter for brands and businesses.

Here are five things you should know about me
(i.e. the short version).

  1. I believe that Copywriting is both an art and a science. The art is storytelling, creativity, a sense of style and a little bit of inspiration. The science is conducting tests, measuring metrics and understanding the psychology behind what motivates people to act as they do.

  2. Each year I try to spend time learning “life skills”. In 2017 I got my motorbike licence, learnt to ski, and grasped the fundamentals of wine on a wine course (alongside lots of reading and tasting). In 2018, I’m hoping to learn to sail, reignite my Spanish, and go on my first long-distance cycling adventure.

  3. My creative copywriting skills cover both long and short copy– from snappy tag lines to engaging annual reports (yes, they are a thing!).

  4. I’ve visited 57 countries and lived in 8. My ultimate goal is to go to Antarctica, and maybe space if they commercialise it fast enough.

  5. I like to spend time outdoors: hiking, biking, swimming, camping and exploring. But there’s nothing wrong with spending the entire day in bed binge-watching Netflix, because sometimes you just need it (and no one is perfect!).

My Guiding Ethos

  • Read more, learn more.

  • Listen more than you speak.

  • Work is a lifestyle, not just a job.

And Here’s the Long Version!

Professional Background

After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in International Relations, I began my career as an Assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. I handled an enormous diversity of tasks – from speech writing and press work to drafting legislation and undertaking research for reports to giving tours and making tea.

There’s a lot you can say about working in politics. But it gave me a clear understanding of the importance of choosing words carefully! I learnt that every word counts when it comes to the interpretation of legislation, the factors that make an inspiring and engaging speech and how to tailor messages to different audiences to make them resonate – all skills I draw on today as a Creative English Copywriter.

English Creative Copywriter

I turned down a Masters at Oxford University * cough * humblebrag (OK, I couldn't afford the exorbitant fees and living costs…) and moved country and continent taking on the position as English Creative Copywriter for the British Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. Making a great leap into all things digital, I managed the Chamber website, grew newsletter sign-ups, managed social media and brought a bit of creativity to the marketing and events collateral. I also researched, compiled and drafted reports, including the Annual British Business Survey and had my first experience with editorial, writing articles and conducting interviews for China-Britain Business Focus Magazine.

PR Agency Years- Hill & Knowlton

Moving on from the Chamber, I went to work as a Consultant at global PR firm Hill & Knowlton. The role had a different title but I was still an English Creative Copywriter. Handling the pressure of fast-paced PR agency life, I developed client proposals, wrote speeches for CEOs and drafted press releases for stories that appeared in mainstream media. Not only did I rapidly improve my copywriting craft, but agency life enabled me to learn the importance of developing key messages, of understanding what editors are looking for and how to pitch a story successfully.

Creative Agencies

Then the pace of life got even faster as I continued agency life but pivoted to advertising. A stint at BBDO was followed by various projects at boutique and independent agencies, working as a copywriter alongside creative teams. I learnt all about conceptual thinking, building a message with the right rationale behind it, generating a convincing pitch and working with other creative minds to create a never-ending string of ideas…even at three in the morning. 

Freelance Creative Copywriter Hong Kong

Finally, I left the anti-social hours of the advertising world and set up shop as a Freelance English Copywriter in Hong Kong. Today I work on interesting projects for great clients – in Hong Kong and beyond; I've had projects in Singapore, Los Angeles, London, Johannesburg, south Africa and Istanbul – and get a real buzz from seeing the impact my words have on a business. I’ve dived into conversion copywriting, bigger projects like annual reports, brand books and innovation spaces, communications and brand strategy and even Kickstarter campaigns.

Day-in, day-out I use the power of the written word to convince, engage, persuade and inform the audience of businesses like yours – making words perform in line with your brief and objectives.

I think that’s enough of tooting my own horn! So why not read some of the nice things my clients have said about me on my Testimonials page or take a look at my work on my Creative Copywriter Portfolio page?

Sometimes people ask for a headshot, here’s a link to mine.