Email Marketing and Email Copywriting

98% of your audience won’t buy your product or services the first time they visit your website. That’s why email marketing is a great way to build trust, engage leads and warm them up to conversion.

But a lot of people get email marketing wrong. Especially when it comes to copywriting. In fact, most email marketing fails at the first hurdle – with bland, uninteresting subject lines that don’t even get the email opened.

What You Need to Know About Email Copywriting

The copywriting in your email marketing shouldn’t be about an endless hard sell to your customers. It shouldn’t be about slimy sales tactics either. 

Successful email marketing begins with knowing your prospects and what they find interesting. It’s about using storytelling to engage and lead them to your desired outcome– whether that’s clicks, replies or purchases.

And it’s about knowing your numbers. It’s imperative to track opens, clicks, replies and unsubscribes – because optimising email marketing never ends. 

How my Email Marketing Services Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking for an email copywriter to boost the success of your inbox marketing, I can help you turn leads into customers. 

Together we’ll create email sequences that get higher opens, more engagement and boost sales.

Striking the perfect balance between too salesy and not salesy enough, I'll create email copy that's irresistible.

Let's have chat about what email marketing can do for your business.