When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?  Probably never or by accident.

But when was the last time you clicked on a blog post you were interested in? Or a social media post you found useful? Or a video that caught your attention? Probably much more recently. That, is content marketing at work.

Rather than pushing spammy ads at your customers, content marketing is about pulling them in with content of value, informative writing and engaging topics. 

It’s a way to build trust, show your expertise and give back to your customers.

And it’s hugely effective.

It begins with a Sound Content Strategy

Content marketing is much more complex than buying ads. Creating high-quality content takes purpose, practice and perseverance.

It takes a well-thought-out strategy. A plan to put it to action. Regular execution and measuring. And ongoing tweaking, testing and tinkering. 

How my Content Marketing Services can Help Your Business

My content marketing services always begin with the strategy. We’ll review your current approach (or create a new one) and roadmap exactly how we’ll reach your goals step-by-step.

Next up, it’s creating the right content, engaging your audience with SEO-friendly blog posts, social media posts, email and whatever else fits the bill. Then it’s the sharing: pulling in your audience with engaging content across the platforms that actually work.

Each month we’ll measure progress, tweak it ‘til it’s perfect and make sure it's plain sailing towards your destination. 

Content strategy is an ongoing game, not a one-off hit, and I offer various packages to suit a variety of needs. (If you’re looking for something more one-off, you might want to look at my Blog Post writing services). 

Where to next...?