When crafting words for platforms, the web, or interfaces, It’s not enough to simply write the copy and hand it over to a designer. Or build your design around Lorum Ipsum as a placeholder for real text.

With any digital project, design and copy have a symbiotic relationship. You need to understand how the copy you write translates to a page or app. The importance of wire-framing throughout the copywriting and design process. And how to deliver the right text, in the right place, at the right time.

Whether you need to develop microcopy for apps, digital content for websites, or words for online and interactive applications, there’s a lot to think about.

How to Create Compelling Digital Copywriting

There are a few best practices to follow when it comes to creating compelling words online.

The first is to fully empathise with your users. By placing them at the heart of the journey, you’ll be able to deliver a pleasant, enjoyable – and above all – frustration-free experience, whatever the platform.

Second up, your copywriter should have a commitment to, understanding of, and appreciation for effective design. A copywriter and designer should work together to effectively arrange the visual elements of a page.

Because an online audience will view and skim the text, you also need strong know-how of the words, tones and expressions that drive conversions. And for web and other online projects, it’s imperative to have a copywriter with a sound understanding of SEO and how Google ranks pages.

How my Digital Copywriting Services Can Help

I bring a range of complementary skills to a digital project in addition to wordsmithing and ideation.

I understand that copy is one piece of the puzzle and always take a broader view of the work I do in relation to the architecture of design and development. I’m adept at working with designers to create wireframes and always keep the journey and goal in mind while creating a consistent tone and messaging across touch points.

I understand that as well as effective, the copy needs to be functional and written in an appropriate style. I also know the importance of incorporating your chosen keywords, meta tags and headline text, and work with the designer to ensure the copy works and looks good on any device.

Whether I’m crafting meaningful error messages, perfecting every word of engaging microcopy, or choosing the right text and placement for a button, I know the words that work to lead users through the journey and convert them.

Through clear, concise copy that works in harmony with every element of design and places users at the heart of the journey, I’ll help your digital project meet its aims.

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