Videos are a great medium for communication. They’re an engaging, creative and informative way to get your point across, with plenty of room to elicit the right response from your audience (in under two minutes).

But when it comes to your video production, it’s not enough to rely on what’s shown on-screen. The best videos are the ones that tell a great story – and that begins and ends with the script. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but with video, your words are what do the talking. 

Why Hire a Video Script Copywriter?

A well-written, engaging script is the foundation upon which your video is built. If the words in the script aren’t right, your video production is likely to encounter problems down the line.

A professional copywriter will ensure the words in your video have a logical flow and provide the necessary information as succinctly as possible. They’ll also add an extra, essential element to your production: storytelling. 

It’s no secret that viewers have short attention spans. Simply stating facts in your script, however logical, is unlikely to make it memorable for viewers. However, by delivering a compelling storyline, you can ensure the information you’re presenting is retained more effectively, making it miles more impactful. 

Video Script Copywriting Services

My video script copywriting services cover the pre-production stage. I follow a “less is more approach” to script writing, presenting your message in a compelling and clear way in as few words as possible.

Sandwiched between a powerful opening and closing, I’ll ensure your video has a strong story and narrative structure. I can also work with you and your team through the storyboarding process to ensure on-screen visuals compliment what’s said in each frame.

Whether working with your appointed production agency, videographer, or with you directly, I can help you on those all-important decisions for your video script: voiceover or subtitles? Animated or live action? Yay or nay to B-roll and supers? From brainstorming to storyboarding to table read and final recording, I can support your video script every-step of the way. Get in touch and let’s talk about creating a video that makes the cut.

I offer scriptwriting for:

  • Product videos

  • Promotional and explainer videos

  • Brand videos

  • Customer testimonials

  • Event videos

  • Staff training

Recent video script copywriting projects have included a voice over script for global supplier company, subtitle scriptwriting for animated product videos in collaboration with a Hong Kong creative agency and a series of 8 voiceover scripts for internal staff training on a new software tool. I also help companies write engaging, SEO-friendly web copy for their websites. Find out more about my website copywriting services

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