An advertorial can give more weight to your message than traditional ads. And they're often more persuasive in promoting and endorsing your services or products. 

But a lot of advertorials don’t hit the mark. They’re either too much like an ad and readers see through through your obvious advertisement. Or they try so hard not to be an ad that the brand message gets lost.

What you Need to Know About Advertorial Writing

Writing advertorials is a bit like being on a tightrope. The key is to walk that middle ground – the fine line between ensuring your brand message gets through while creating content provides value to the reader. 

Really, it comes down to this: Your advertorial should be something your audience would want to read anyway.

How my Advertorial Writing Services can Help your Business

As your editorial writer, I know that successful advertorials are about more than “just selling something”. So I create content that useful, informative and engaging for your readers.

I’ll get your brand message across, but in a way that doesn’t make the reader feel like they’ve been hit in the face with an ad.

Together, we’ll come up with the right story concepts (I can help you generate fresh perspectives on even the most talked-about topics).

We’ll target the right media outlets in relation to your audience and ensure your advertorial follows editorial guidelines (so it gets published!).

If you’re looking for a writer for you next advertorial, let’s chat!